“Inflatable“ trailer

nafukovaci-prives-01"Having more space in one´s own store while preserving mobility and drive it away after a time. It is a pity that my trailer is not inflatable..." A number of sellers have probably heaved a sigh when they had troubles with displaying the complete product range in their booths. But in fact a solution exists.


A new fire trailer

hasicsky-prives-04In recent years, more and more fire societies and associations started to turn to us, whether from among professional or voluntary bodies. Firemen solve primarily problems with PPS 12 trailers being past service and individual trailer solutions for various techniques.


Where is the front and where the back?

spec-prives-01Do not worry; this is neither a rebus question, nor a photomontage. We really produced this trailer and it was not intended for any dragging competition of tractors.

This special trailer was ordered by a customer from Austria who will use it to transport construction workers inside the newly built tunnel.