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Where is the front and where the back?

spec-prives-01Do not worry; this is neither a rebus question, nor a photomontage. We really produced this trailer and it was not intended for any dragging competition of tractors.

This special trailer was ordered by a customer from Austria who will use it to transport construction workers inside the newly built tunnel.

spec-prives-07He will drive the trailer with the workers up to the site using a motor-car, there he turns around with the motor-car, connects the trailer in the opposite direction and comfortably drives the workers out of the tunnel after the shift. A bigger car or a minibus would have problems to turn around in the narrow tunnel and backing for several kilometers is probably not very safe too.

The trailer is equipped with cushioned benches with storage space and holders for oxygen bottles. The box is made of isothermal panels and there are front and rear entrance/exit doors.

Our collection of special trailers came to include again one more interesting piece that is a real rarity.