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“Inflatable“ trailer

nafukovaci-prives-01"Having more space in one´s own store while preserving mobility and drive it away after a time. It is a pity that my trailer is not inflatable..." A number of sellers have probably heaved a sigh when they had troubles with displaying the complete product range in their booths. But in fact a solution exists.

 Our customer from Switzerland was solving a similar problem too. He needed to build a shop for the sale of winter accessories in an easy and quick way and move the shop elsewhere after a certain time. The problem was that he could not fit his goods into standard booths and could not transport bigger building cells in turn easily.

The optimal solution was a box trailer with extendable sides. For this special trailer, it is easily possible to enlarge the inner space up to double of the original dimensions. Its operation is very comfortable and in pair, the trailer is completely decomposed within about 30 minutes. In doing so the shop preserves its distinctive design and a layman will not recognize at first glance that it is a mobile shop.

The system of extendable sides is nothing new to our society. We have applied it already for a number of trailers and truck bodies. On the following pictures you can assess how we succeeded in it in the case of this trailer.