Construction and development agency

Custom-made production of trailers

We design and produce trailers which are worth travelling across half Europe for. We supply all kinds of untypical trailers, superstructures and semi-trailers that will exactly meet your requirements.

After hundreds of implementations and thousands of modifications, our experienced designers are able to resourcefully construct any assignment.

The production takes place in our plant (in the Czech Republic near D1 motorway in Velké Meziříčí) where our customers can also try the trailer before its final modifications and takeover.

Sale of trailers

We have been producing trailers in Vezeko since 1996, since then we have developed several proven model series for traditional use:

We like our profession and produce quality trailers which are also sold by us. We value our quality; therefore, we do not trust the networks of transnational sellers who bring down the price and thus the quality.

We have sales representatives for assembly-line trailers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden and other countries (mainly within the EU).

across Europe

Customer reviews

I wanted to thank you for your time and advices you devoted to me a few weeks ago. Everything was resolved to the satisfaction of a colleague who demanded the cart. He has a VEZEKO now:). Thank you again and I wish you every success in future tasks.

Pavla Konupčíková

I have been driving around for three years with an unsuspended VEZEKO, 4m long platform, 1.3m wide, at the speed of 120 it did not even move behind the car, whether it was full or empty. Now I am about to buy a trailer too, but 2.5m and I will redesign it to transport 5-metre-long gates (retractable extension with lights and RZ), and it will be VEZEKO again.

Murder in the discussion on

I wanted to thank you additionally for the production of the trailer and the overall excellent cooperation during its preparation. It looks really great, we are happy! Have a nice time and maybe once again during a future cooperation.

Mgr. Petra Kočvarová

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Temporary closure of the Vezeko company


Dear business partners, dear customers,

Due to the current situation throughout Europe and in the Czech Republic, we are forced to temporarily completely shut down our company from March 18, 2020. Due to force majeure, the spread of the coronavirus infection has meant that we can no longer meet our obligations in the future. Our company will be closed until March 27, 2020 at least, but most likely even longer after the current situation with coronavirus. At the end of March 2020 you will be informed immediately about the further steps in our company.

Thank you for your understanding.

Team Vezeko



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