KONOS is a universal container lift offered by VEZEKO in cooperation with CHARVÁT CTS. The stretching of the container is independent, controlled by an electro-hydraulic pump with a remote wireless controller. The KONOS trailer is produced in two versions, a shorter one with two axles and a longer one with three axles.

The frame of the stretching mechanism is fully welded with surface treatment - painted in RAL 7015. In addition to standard stretching, the container can be folded back after locking.

The variety of containers can be chosen by the customer according to his own needs. The offer includes standard tub and flatbed containers, but it is possible to offer containers as well as cabinets.


Technical parameters

Type Loading area L x W x H (mm) External dimension L x W  (mm)   Axles Gross weight Empty weight Wheels
KONOS 35.23 2470 x 1780 3970 x 1830 brzděný II 2000 - 3500 kg 835 kg 195/50 R13 C
KONOS 35.27 2970 x 1780 4400 x 1830 brzděný III 2000 - 3500 kg 878 kg 195/50 R13 C

Standard equipment

    KONOS basic equipment:

    • Welded frame painted RAL 7015
    • "V" tiller, height to the center of the ball 430 mm
    • Hydraulic electric pump with its own 12 V battery, remote control
    • AL-KO axles
    • Electrical installation 12 V, 13-pin plug, reversing light
    • Position lights in front
    • Support wheel 250 kg
    • Installation wedges 2 pcs
    • Design speed 100 km/h



      KONOS accessories:

      • Container as specified
      • Mesh container superstructure, mesh 50x50 mm, height 1000 mm (can be increased according to specification)
      • Spare wheel
      • Shock absorbers for 130 km speed
      • Trailer hitch lock