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Triplex trailer

A double-axle or triple-axle braked trailer for transporting three horses. The trailer is made of sectional aluminium profiles, the roof is made of aluminium. At the back there is a tilting ramp covered with rubber with slats. The floor of sectional aluminium profiles is covered with rubber, and the frame is welded, hot-dip galvanized. The trailer is further equipped with a service door, side padding, and three partitions. The design of the Triplex trailer makes it possible to adapt the dimensions and internal equipment to the various requirements of the customer.

Technical parameters

Loading areaTypeTotal weightEmpty weightMaterial caseRoofFloor
5150x2070x2200 Triplex 30 2500-3000 kg 1700 kg ALU-profile ALU ALU with rubber
Triplex 35 3000-3500 kg 1720 kg