KA - R

Single-axle or double-axle trailers, always braked, with wheels under the loading surface, which is accessible from all sides. The trailer is tiltable backwards with the use of a manual hydraulic pump; on request, the trailer can also be equipped with an electric hydraulic set. Removable side plates are made of low-weight anodized aluminium profiles. The floor is made of water-resistant anti-slip plywood. The wide range of accessories comprises a wire mesh structure, extended side plates, and tarpaulins with a frame. As standard the trailers are equipped with a support wheel, four anchoring lugs, blocking plastic chocks, and supports of the front face plate.

Technical parameters

Type Loading area L x W x H (mm) External dimension L x W  (mm)   Axles Total weight Empty weight Wheels
KA 1300R 2600 x 1520 x 760 3765 x 1570 braked I. 700 - 1350 kg 385 kg 165 R13 C
KA 1500R 2600 x 1520 x 650 braked I. 950 - 1600 kg 405 kg 195/50 R13 C
KA 2000R 2600 x 1520 x 760 braked II. 1500 - 2000 kg 460 kg 155 R13 C 
KA 2700R 2600 x 1520 x 760 braked II. 1500 - 2700 kg 475 kg 165 R13 C

Standard equipment

  • Anodized aluminium side plates 350 mm, tilting, removable
  • Side plates capped in plastic
  • Tilting, removable rear plate
  • Front plate supports
  • Plastic hinges with metallic reinforcement
  • Assembled frame of galvanized elements
  • Floor - water-resistant, anti-slip plywood 15 mm
  • Anchoring lugs in the corners, 4 pcs
  • “V” tow-bars, height to the ball centre 430 mm
  • Hydraulic tilting with a manual pump
  • AL-KO axle/axles
  • Electric installation 12V, 7-pole socket (braked trailers have a 13-pole socket, reversing light)
  • Position lights in the front
  • Support wheel 250 kg
  • Chock blocks, 2 pcs
  • Rated speed 80 kph



  • Tilting with a 12V electric hydraulic unit with a dedicated accumulator battery 74Ah
  • Possibility to increase the side plates with a side plate extension
  • Wire mesh extension, mesh 50x50 mm, height 1000 mm (can be increased as requested)
  • Corner posts, “Profi” locks
  • Jack-type support legs
  • Anchoring lugs
    -Embedded in the floor
    -Small ones on the floor
  • Spare wheel
  • Spare wheel holder
  • Tarpaulin over the side plates, colour according to a colour chart
  • Tarpaulin with a welded profile structure 90 cm, 135 cm, 155 cm, custom wire covered with a bead, opening front face of the tarpaulin, colour according to a colour chart
  • Advertising print of the tarpaulin
  • Shock absorbers for speeds over 100 kph
  • Trailer hitch lock