JUMBO light

A double-axle or triple-axle car trailer with excellent driving characteristics. The trailers are made in the flat platform version (without side plates) with the floor made of sectional aluminium profiles. The trailer can be hydraulically tilted with the use of a manual pump; optionally, tilting with the use of an electric hydraulic set can be offered. The trailers are delivered with aluminium ramps fixed under the loading surface, a bracing bar and blocking chocks, a support wheel, six anchoring lugs as standard.

Technical parameters

Loading area x
loading height
External dimension
Type Total weightEmpty weightAxlesWheels / Folding angle
Jumbo Light 27.5 braked 20000-2700 kg 785 kg II 195/55R10/9°
Jumbo Light 30.5 braked 2500-3000 kg 810 kg II
Jumbo Light 35.5 braked 3000-3500 kg 830 kg II

Standard equipment

Standard equipment - flatbed trailer:

  • Assembled frame of welded elements, hot-dip galvanized
  • Aluminium access ramps, length 1500 mm, stored under the loading surface
  • Hydraulic tilting controlled with a manual pump
  • Floor of aluminium profiles
  • Adjustable bracing rod with aluminium chock blocks
  • Anchoring lugs, 8 pcs
  • “V” tow-bars, height to the ball centre 430 mm
  • KNOTT or AL-KO axles
  • Electric installation 12V, 13-pole socket, reversing light
  • Position lights in the front
  • Support wheel 250 kg
  • Chock blocks, 2 pcs
  • Rated speed 80 kph



  • Tilting with a 12V electric hydraulic unit with a dedicated accumulator battery 74 Ah
  • AL-KO manual winch
  • Winch holder
  • Electric winch
  • Anchoring lugs
    -Embedded in the floor
    -Small ones on the floor
  • Tarpaulin with a structure welded of profiles 170 cm, 200 cm, custom wire, colour according to a colour chart